Licensed and Insured

Your home or business place is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Protecting it involves hiring the right team to handle the efficiency of your home systems, especially your HVAC units. With JMJ Air Conditioning and Heating, you can assure that every task is carried out by a qualified technician.

Our technicians have accomplished requirements for HVAC contractors in Texas. They underwent thorough background checks and successfully passed a comprehensive exam in order to obtain a license. In addition, all of our air conditioning and heating contractors are insured. Before handling a job, we will provide you with proof of general liability insurance. You can rest assure that all of the information on this insurance is accurate. It corresponds to the customer’s need and to our business standards.

The credentials we present ensure the quality service and workmanship you will get. At, JMJ Air Conditioning and Heating, you can trust our qualified contractors to handle your HVAC problems.