Blog 3


Here are some interesting facts that you need to know about your HVAC system:

  • Willis Carries invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902. It was for a publishing company in Brooklyn. This air conditioner kept the paper from expanding and contracting by lowering the humidity and temperature.
  • Theaters are among the first places where most people encountered air-conditioning. During summer, cinemas are often visited to see movies and to cool off from the heat. Summer blockbusters are due to this huge number of movie-goers.
  • Air conditioning is also useful when it comes to medical technology. It greatly contributes in the studies of human life expectancy and in decreasing the possibility of spreading diseases.
  • Research proves that the right amount of air conditioning can enhance productivity. So, if you need your brain cells working, then air conditioning is the solution.
  • When sealed during freezing temperatures, water lines in a home without heat will typically take three days to freeze.
  • Air conditioning has hugely contributed in more economically productive summers. Prior to its invention, employees in America and other parts of the West have to be given a month-long vacation because of the scorching heat.
  • The modern HVAC system has altered and improved the way we design and construct buildings and homes. We no longer need to spend large amount of money on bricks and high ceilings. All we need is a less pricey solution and an efficient HVAC system.
  • The following technologies would not be possible without the benefits of temperature control and refrigeration through HVAC: production of computers and chipsets; data storage centers; delivery, and storage of food; pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing.
  • A correct size of your HVAC system reduces installation costs, wastes energy, and overall operating costs.
  • Every year, the energy consumed by the United States in air conditioners is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by the whole of Africa.