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The Carbon Monoxide in our Home

According to the EPA, the poor indoor air quality is the number one cause of various environmental health problems today. Inhalation of polluted air in your home coupled with highly polluted outdoor air can cause you serious health issues.

One of the most common pollutants that can be found indoor is Carbon monoxide (CO). It is an odorless and colorless gas produced during the combustion of fuels. Experts consider this to be lethal. Even small amounts can impair your brain function and impact your health. It often results to flu-like symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, headaches and nausea. Long-term exposure can eventually lead to unconsciousness or worse, death. But what can cause this harmful contamination?

Malfunctions in your heating system such as cracks, leaks and obstructions can cause carbon monoxide to develop and accumulate. There are steps you can follow in order to minimize carbon monoxide risks and prevent further problems. Experts recommend that you keep heating equipment in good repair. You can do this by scheduling regular inspection and maintenance with your professional HVAC professionals.

Moreover, you should also keep furnaces, chimneys and vents free of obstruction. Keep birds, squirrels and other animals from building nests in these areas. You can also install an efficient carbon monoxide detector at your place. This is now available at any home supply store. Periodically opening the windows during winter can also help extinguish potential carbon monoxide and let in oxygen-rich air.

If you are using an older gas stove or heater, look at the color of the pilot light. A mostly yellow flame indicates a potential carbon monoxide production. The flame should be at least 80 percent blue for it to be safe. Consult a professional and be sure to tune up your gas system at least once a year.

Today’s modern heating systems burn cleaner than older systems, minimizing your risk of carbon monoxide exposure. However, your system still needs the proper maintenance services for a maximum protection against indoor pollutants. At JMJ Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer reliable and affordable maintenance services for your HVAC needs!